Thursday, 24 August 2006

Home setup

KoshimeArt - At Home

A few people have been asking how my basic art setup is
, so here it is in a simple 1-2-3.

1/ Tools: Good ole pen and paper, using mainly a hi-tec 0.4 black pen varying with variouw grey marker types. I vary between Prismacolours and Copic markers (as their greys are alot cooler than pantone's letraset version)

1.2 Rennaisance PDA (Sketchbook): The right sketchbook is vital to each artist, and I arm myself with a swarth of Fabriano Artist's Journal sketchbooks - which afford uniformity, optimal A5 size, great paper quality 192 pages of beautiful Ingres paper ) which are either
1/ Multi-toned (left)

2/ My favourite:
blue cover with white and cream pages.

I find them great for any media, be it marker, ink, pencil, pastel, watercolour.
Ideal for sketching or writing, this journal is sure to spark inspiration wherever you wander. A ribbon bookmark permits quick reference.

2/ Digital setup: Dell24" x 2 + A4 wacom + 2g ram Intel system

3/ Reference: A good collection of artbooks and history/architecture books

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