Monday, 14 August 2006

ConceptArt Brussels annual sketchfest

After 8 months of constant work in Chelsea & Westminster NHS, it was good to take a small weekend break in Brussels kindly hosted by freelance concept artist Hyver and wife Eva (TV producer) in their palatial 4 storeyed apartment, replete with back garden, forest and BBQ pad.

It was
Oktoberfest fused with inspirational art and a generally good all-round time that makes this short trip full of fond memories. To make the occasion more festive, Sketchling (MPC matte painter) , managed to book a last minute ticket on Eurostar,and we travelled there in style, ala semi Business class (called the leisure select). It was a good opportunity to showcase our digital tablet PCs (and strike terror into the heart of Euro Mac-philes) Here are some provisional images showing a brief snapshot of the high from the lovely Euro weekend; ranging from all night sketching, 48 hours of Ian McCraig gnomon DVD demonstrations ("you must be murder your darlins"), trip to the Imperial war museum (complete with WWI armoured tanks to Post WWII artillery canons, tanks, modern armour and the best of all...a complete aircraft hangar featuring the history of flight from the baloon to the latest Russian Hind helicopter)

"I'm Singing in the rain"
Sketchling arrives via tram to Hyvers palatial grounds with a warm wet reception

Staging ground
The ground floor lies barren, ready to recieve its spawn of euro-international artists within the warm confines of a four storied apartment compelte with its own forest, BBQ set and garden
Typical morning
Panoramic: An interior shot of the ground floor, from living room to dining room to kitchen. The staging groudn is now replete with artists and a great atmosphere is brewing...albiet after a crate of jupiter beer is devoured

Head injury Competition
Floris and co compete in a no holds barred, who gets brained via small 2-3 wheeled contraption after hours

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