Tuesday, 6 March 2007

March 2007 Updates

It has been a while since my last update

In brief, here are a chronological sequence of events
  • October 2006: I run the Enviroment Support Group forum at CG Society
  • Nov 2006: Tied the knot in swanky Mayfair, London with my beautiful wife. It was a lovely evening and we had 3 bridesmaids!!!

  • Jan 2007: Reach an epiphany in terms of learning how to paint more effectively and enter two of my more recent paintings for the ballistic publishing book , Expose 5. Fingers crossed.
  • Jan 2007: Infinity: the quest for earth MMO project which I have helped produce concepts for over a year has won a visual delight award, editors choice and players choice award 2006 at ModDB.com and it is really a great thrill and incentive to keep producing more works!
  • Feb 2007: Held a large chinese wedding reception down in Portsmouth, and learnt how I had a large extended family of 14 cousins who are mad as anything in terms of socializing nad welcoming me to the family. A large collection of over 500 chinese members of the community and relatives turned out for the event. I was fortunate enough to have Kim Taylor, a professional matte artist at Moving pictures Company and girlfriend be the best man.
  • March 2007: Won 1st place in the national space society calender competition for my asteroid settlement entry: Titled slingshot to the galaxy. This spurs me on to get more interest in producing space related artwork for visualization and other related production

  • March 2007: I feel like I have reached another milestone in painting in helping achieve mood and feel in an illustration

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