Monday, 4 February 2013

Mechanical Sketches - Daywalken

Here are some recent mechanical sketches to share ranging from biomimetic robotics, to bio organic walkers and of course scifi spacecraft
starting with the Mars Daywalken


Notes: The Daywalken came about as a love child between stories of the Nephilim and the possibility of a pre Mars civilization which inhabited a planetary system with a different atmosphere, gravity and physical mechanics. Extrapolating this further, there was a temptation to explore an ulterior motive to Curiosity's exploration on Mars - as a front of sorts. In actuality, various agencies have already inhabited and are in the midst of exploring the various planetary bodies for the seed of human kinds ancestors. (NB: this is purely fictional)
The far right shows a recovered Daywalken by an apparent secret space program, reverse engineered for humanities own purposes

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