Monday, 16 July 2012


After a long while in terms of self imposed Sci-Fi exile, for one reason or another, it is good to return to the roots that started it all in digital painting. In particular, I quite adore the illustration styles of early space illustration styles and thus here is a ode to John Berkey

Notes: In the distant future of Mankind, assuming we achieve sufficient conscious mass  to collectively reach beyond the stars, and put our petty squabbles aside somewhat - I'd imagine there would be all sorts of explorers whereby the seemingly infinite vastness of interstellar "space" would represent what the Wild West and various undiscovered trails of the Classical World equivalent would come to be.

In this instance,  I suspect transport to afford a high level of alternative propulsion systems. This will probably encompass:

  1. interplanetary propulsion (gets you from A to B in a conventional manner)
  2. interdimensional propulsion (A type 3 civilization might be able to start exploring the 11 dimensions theorized. We have to become a type 1 civ firstly)
  3. passive propulsion (a mixture of low energy/laser propulsion method which can utilize in effect the cosmic winds, perhaps some advanced perforated meta material to represent solar sails, or a field device that in effect captures certain particles - far more advanced than say a 50-nanometer beryllium sail)
Lastly, I'd imagine for mankind to afford this high level of exploratory travel - we would require to seek a whole new level of science that is able to explain and understand mankinds biofield and energy interaction, to provide for a sustainable safe future. Perhaps, controversially mankind might not require a organic body in the future, whereby the collective memories are uploaded  onto a storage device, and a cloned body effectively produce via a advanced organic 3D scanner/prototyper device.

All in all, its good to be back!

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