Monday, 18 July 2011

July Updates

Hi Folks,

We've been busy at Opus Artz and I thought I'd add a small update and thoughts.

inFamous2: Production Design & Concepts

With the launch of inFamous 2, we're finally able to share a load of character concepts and designs over at our Opus Blog.

Now, what I would like to add is these character developments also share a snapshot of how a concept undergoes an iterative design during production, called production design. And as such, one will be amazed and the large combined effort required to produce a sum total better than its parts.
Which is why, one should always remember that the concept artist alone, is not a rockstar or works in isolation. And rather, the combined input, feedback and artistic, creative efforts are what help produce the character, creature, transport or environment into the current end game result that you as a gamer enjoy.


To help elucidate this less glamarous but core essential duty of the game artist, I have penned some aspects of game production at our digital art eduction site to help share and put a spotlight on the challenges and rewards of producing game art.

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