Monday, 14 September 2009

Space painting e-book

Hiya, the good folks at 3DTotal have decided to release a complete edition of the year long space tutorial series, originally published monthly on 2D Artist magazine.

It's quite something to see it all together as a 161 page tome. Here is what the folks had to say:

This mammoth 161 page eBook is an extremely detailed exploration
of the techniques and design approaches behind creating epic and lavish digital artwork relating to the theme of Space and Science Fiction.The series is divided into three main categories; Planets & Starfields, Transport and Environments and spans across 12 in depth chapters in total. The tutorials on offer cover a multitude of techniques and useful tips and tricks to painting all aspects of space and deals with the tools in Photoshop used to create such effects.

The author covers a multitude of the aesthetic considerations behind producing the wide array of both digital and traditional artwork alike,
as well as much of the scientific theory relevant to the design process ensuring a measured and realistic approach to the subject matter.
We look at traditional sketching techniques common to many design studios and how these practices work hand in hand with digital methods and all along ensuring a practical approach to solving the artistic issues, producing both plausible and yet imaginative concepts.

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