Thursday, 16 April 2009

Monster Hunt

This piece is a experimentation in multi asset character driven environment

Note: Please note, the initial workup is quite semi-random with the image jumping from composition to composition, and different lighting methods. Hopefully, you are able to take away what you can from this.

For what it's worth, you can think of it as trying to frame the right shot


  1. Initially - I have an idea of sorts. this involves the general gesture of the monster, and a ninja/shadow kind of warrior attacking it
  2. If you have one, what happens when you have more. So lets add more guys, attacking in the fray against the central monster.
  3. Tell you what, lets add some blood, or streaming magic from the creature
  4. Hmm, or maybe...some sort of plated armour. yeah... and it could be underlit to make it more dramatic.


The background is psychedelic, however the shot works reasonably well as a one on one, with perhaps the lone shadow warrior , sticking some sort of sharp apparatus into the ogre's brain pan.


The colourful lighting in the background just isnt quite working, lets fall back on a more dramatic cliche. A fight in the bowels of a fort or courtyard perhaps.


This is a quick test to see how it would look with some sort of magical barrier/beserker rage from the Armoured ogre.


Back to unifying tiny (tiny) tiny details and corrections that are barely perceptible


Sometimes, lovely details need to be sacrificed and colours desaturated, to unify the overall image. The initial dark shadow warrior on the far right, had transform into a bulbous figure but the form was not well defined. I know! Lets turn the warrior, into a fat bluborous dungeonkeeper. Classic!

It seems to work (Hey, I dont make the rules, but whatever works to make the shot work)


Added an Obsidian dagger to the Ogre, and refined the armour somewhat

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Its almost 4am in the morning. I think the brain is on the fritz, and a few colour variations are explored. In addition, I decided to add some alternative bandings, and homogenise the image overall.

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